Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been cut off!!

So here is what happened, last two days, it rained heavily and there's thunder here and there. Then my line got screwed, my ADSL line at the company site, so I reported A.S.A.P after I have the problem. And the worse part is, it got repaired in 24hours(the next day) BUT the next day, my LINE is cut off :) wah! So awesome~ Then today they got 2 repairmen coming to my house and repaired the telephone wire's at the road, infront of my house.. So they took the broken modem (I broke it from a thunder long long time ago XD) and they haven't still give a new one, and I'm using my bought modem.. wow~ this is sooo coool~

and my sampler video is exploding XD
just like keyrana's backflip to prostrate video!! So awesome! ahahhaa.. I have many people liking my webster I see XD hahahaha.. not many, some dude..

OK bye2...

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