Sunday, September 28, 2008

A down monkey wall flip and a pop palm flip!~

Yeay! At last some indoor training :)
Here are my down monkey wall flip and a pop palm flip.. which I found easier than doing a normal palm flip.. lol, it turned out to be palm backhandspring if I tried it..hahahah!!!
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now this two shit is indoor, so it's not really a big deal, I want to do it outside! how about the first malaysian to do this shit outside? hah!!!
im so cool~haahh


keyrana said...

holamak...gym siak~

Abudi Alsagoff said...

yes baru cool!!! GYM!! hahaha.. I trained my standing backfull yesterday, gladly it was on a mattress, or else I could've broke a finger or two :(

Amir Hamzah said...

woohh!! awesome!!!