Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fasting and tired!

Yeah, we went training today, I would not call it a great session, but it was fun! haha, since everyone is tired, we're all fasting, unlike some 'penkit' (how do I spell it again?) who smokes and eats gum on a bench in front of us! Can't believe she was a penkit! I mean come on, from the look of her face and fat body, she looks like a total douche bag, like some kid, a form 2 or 3 dude. FAT KID! Anyway, I brought some mattress over, not some, A mattress over to garden, with hope that we could land a wall full, I mean me and gayrana(haha! Picture coming up soon from Amir!)

So he did somehow almost land it, but me, I just crashed my butt on the mat under the mattres we put. OMG, it damn hurts.. haha, but it was fun, losing my gainer is a total awe-none-some! ahahha.

Luckily today I didn't have the video camera with me, or else it would have been a production of Susuralley,a day of bails~

Amir somehow did an aerial, but I didn't see his 540. Maybe he did it, maybe he did not! :P
haha, ok, so seriously, we really need a gym. Gonna check out the Malaysian Gymnastic Federation gym soon! Yeah! totally, but I hate this SPM exam which is holding me back, but I didn't stop my training, "training2 jugak, blaja2 jugak fool!" Unlike some other posers, they stop PK training because of the stupid reason, they said they have the exam! WTF! I also have my exam yet I am cool! hahaha..

Anyway,my sisters said to me when I told her that the program would be 2 days before my real SPM in November, they said that I would dream on, mum wouldn't allow me to go to the program! hahaha, ok I agree with them about that, but somehow, there's 1 point that I totally disagree, but in silence I disagree, they said that this SPM is very important even till your work life. Yeah I know the employee will ask you your SPM and all, and she said that it reflects the person I am. Then this is what I would say, "FUCK THIS STUPID WORLD!" Seriously, why the hell Malaysia depends too much on SPM? I mean come on, if there's a dude, who is very totally good in acting and all, but he is dumb, then he got dumb results, then WTH will the employee say that this man is the devil! OMFG! I can't believe that. What I believe is that, no matter what happens, that SPM is just a certificate, get all A's or at least a well result, I mean losing 1 or 2 A's is somehow could be my carelessness or my laziness, either one.haha. So they said it is important. Whatever.

Back to the training session, Ammar did some moves, but very few! WTH! N0000b!!!hahah.. even Amir did a triple gainer full without realising his hand is still recovering, which is coolestesticles anyway! ahaha. I did around 10 wallflips, then we all got tired... Acap did 1 time aerial, which is lame! So lame! totally!

I want my gainer back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please let's go to the gym anytime.. =(

Owh yeah, I did some editing back then, am uploading.. here2:
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This is the original picture, and I edited it into this! My god, so awesome~~ ahahaha

jangan marah ye my jealous and envy fans!

P/S: Owh yea btw, I'm not emo, just poser, I like their fashion and hairstyle that's all :P
jealous? come and have a piece of me. I'm wholesome, take any piece you want..ahahha!!!


Amir Hamzah said...

im cool!!!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

you are the coolestesticles!! but I am the cooles. get it? me 2nd you 1st.. but you hold the testicles..hahahahah!! I want that gayrana photo!!! ahaha

keyrana said...

theres no gay here.weeee