Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Good core strength training tutorials!

Hey guys,
As an athlete in Parkour or her cousin, Free Running, we always wanted core strength and vertical heights.

I found this channel on every wushu and parkour conditioning they suggested.

Check it out over here,

I exercised my hips and shin, but it is still weak, well my left knee, it kept on shaking everytime I exercise them. So that means it is still weak, in my opinion if it's wrong! haha :))

So anyway, I have this another website in flash, for those who have slow internet, they can just read and view the flash (at least another alternative rather than old crap youtube videos XD)
hahaha.. heads up to

And go to their conditioning section! Remember, DO NOT OVEREXERCISE YOUR BODY!

Stay safe, peace out!

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