Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Good news guys. 3RUN Malaysia is official!!

So here is the email I posted to with follows up! :) I emailed to them A.S.A.P as Amir told me we have to ask for permission.and yeah they ROCK! hehe.

Dear sir,
We are from Malaysia Free-Running community, would like to request for the use of the name '3Run Malaysia' here in our country for the Free-Running Sport.
We would like to register the name '3Run Malaysia' with the Ministry of Sports and Youth here in Malaysia, but for that to happen, we would like to request the approval and permission to use the name.
Looking forward to hear soon from you guys, and we hope that this request will be approved soon enough.

Thank you very much.

Sincerely and best regards,
Abudi Alsagoff

And here is the reply from 3RUN!
Hey Abudi, thanks for the email.

Sure it is ok for you to use this name, We are actually building our worldwide network and want to have ambassador's to
represent 3RUN all over the world who will be part of our bigger 3RUN Family. If you are interested would you like to be
apart of this network/family.

Lastly all we ask you is if you will use 3RUN in your name, once you get a website please can you have a link to

Let us know your thoughts and plans for 3RUN Malaysia and we will put you on our Ambassador's list. I have been to Malaysia
in 2005 it was so beautiful, would love to go back some time, enjoy the weather, ours sucks lol.

thanks and best wishes,

3RUN Team
OK, so the next plan when this club is up and running officialy, we will be creating a new website, I would say?! I think that would be the best =)
Anyway, hope to receive more good news guys, stay safe, and wait for the biggo gym coming up :)

Owh btw, where are the UIA gays back this few weeks? Haven't heard from them for a while except from Siddiq XD hahaha.. We will be a part of 3RUN FAMILY yo! This is huge! Finally, we could meet them pros XD

ok bye2 XD

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