Thursday, September 4, 2008


guess what guys? ok last few days, a gay(i think it was a day before puasa, yeah it was sunday) sms-ed me, and horny stuff! so i flame him and says that i'm not a guy XD
btw, yesterday, surprisingly, a horny slut sms-ed me at 11PM++ while i was studying for syariah islamiah! wow! she said that *gay's name* gave her my number! What an ass..since my number was promoted on gen-x, i kept on getting gay sms and shits... :(
tomorrow i have PQS paper, which needs pretty concise and accurate like-text book answers..

wee~ I also have watched the PKSG May Jam video...ouchie bail they got there, the kid falling and if he have landed that bail badly, he could or may break his arm,elbow or even his humerus :( bahaya wooo!! anyway, PKMY(my videos, i check the statistics) are viewed in the europe, USA, mexico, and malaysia..wooot!! hahah..

OMG such long post i got here XD bye2..i bore you much if i type more..hahaha

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