Monday, September 15, 2008

Speeders fuckers

Watched the speeders new video, yeah they are the F***kers now, i hate them now too :(
Am sooo feeling that I could do some magic on my knee, cast some spell and let it heal on the spot,just like that, and strengthen it.. roar! I want a f'in gym.. then learn all the cool moves, death defying moves, and awesome moves.. I hate life right now =( It's just unfair that in malaysia we dont have the proper safety facilities :(((( waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

and yeah am totally bored right now, like please shut the whole server in the world..owh! I got movies that i downloaded lotsa back then, but i dont have the mood to watch it.. OMFG!

am not feeling to go to school tomorrow.. since i dont have any papers tomorrow.. why the hell should i go to that shit hole anyway? i got biology paper this thursday, and hell will start from that day on.. got sciences subjects and maths!! OMG.. I just want this whole SPM thinggiiieee to just end now! BASTARD!

I am soo triple noob without proper training in a safety facility.. AM desperate to heal my injury and return back on track training with the fellas and improving and earning new skills..!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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