Friday, September 26, 2008

Today was fun!!!

Hey people,
today I got two papers, Biology 3 and EST 2.
Damn both was easy. Scored 100%! hahah! OK so anyway, we got some time gap between those papers, after the bio paper, my classmate and me, went to the food, eh tennis court =)) ROFL. So there's a fuckin ball down there, we played the ball.. It's a small ball, still it's fun to kick some balls around once in a while, especially gayrana's so that he can do the pose again for amir to snap the picture AGAIN!

and the fun part was when all my dudes asked me to flash kick the ball, hahah, that's my first time kicking a ball upside down. Seriously, he threw the ball like hell, it's not accurate nor consistent. I tell you, the second or was it the third time, can't remember ^^; OK, he threw the ball, I jumped, *BANG* the ball hit my head and I kinda like ended up doing a slanted back handspring! hahahah! they laughed like hell, and I was amused because my instinct was awesome!! hahaha, ok but then everything went fine, I taught my classmate where to throw the ball at which height, and I kicked the ball! OMFG! UPSIDE DOWN! ZOMG! BBQ!

hahahah..we played so long we even forgot we are fasting (hope those kids does not break the fast tho! =.=) hahaha..some tumbling on concrete I did back then, aerial nah the normal stuff, you wouldn't be entertained if I tell it..

Calu!!!! hahahahahah

OK OK I'm ending up, bye2 XD

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