Monday, September 15, 2008


what the hell was I doing posting that crap over the chatbox?!? OMG! I am totally not going to school tomorrow..!!wee

i am desperate in healing my injury.. it's been like more than 12 weeks??! yeah around that, my brother told me that,since he have the ligament injury back 2 years ago, he said that I should exercise

more even if it hurts..because we want to strengthen the wound that is why it hurts.. and if i don't exercise now, it will stay that way, it will hurt all the way.. i dont want that.. so i will exercieee

hahahaha.. apsal la mamatcool tu takleh tgk video Southflow JAM?!?! OMG, ni mesti sbb dia cool sangat sampai he frosts the video! Good luck mamatcool with watching the boring video.. ahahaha.. I think it's because Ammar's clip is only 1! now that is the reason the video is damn boring~ ahahahaha

OWH YEA! baik ko tgk video speeders ni la.. lagi awesome.. ahhaah.. don't waste the bandwidth watching that dull video.. here2

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