Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Ze Zhatbox

Recently, my chatbox have become the cooolest place for pr0n ads! hahahah! And it's 12 o'clock! I am studying for my maths paper tomorrow :)
Damn math is easy, but if only I could remember all the formulas.. Finished 8 chapters of Form 4, I got around 12 chapters to go. Don't worry, it take me around 15minutes to finish a topic.. Easy~ hahaha!! That's confidence there ok! I am not showing off XD
ahahahha.. ok this is just a sidestuff I do to keep me awake! XD Or else I will be sleepy and can't understand what the hell am I trying to understand or read..

Owh, seriously, I think the person who chat in my chatbox is not the real person the name is.. Some people could use other's name and just put in whatever name they wanted! ZOMFG! hahaha..

Owh I am bored, I wish this SPM will be over sooooooooon enough!! hahah :)

Peace out!

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