Saturday, October 25, 2008

3RUN Hari Raya Jam was F'in Awesome!!

Yes!! It's frigging awesome, especially we met Sabree, the inhuman cyborg who do all the sick tricks with air, smoothness and the agility!

:O :O :O

What shocked me most is that ALOT of people says that they are coming, I mean ALOT. But afterall, it's just US, no new faces no new people.. What a dissapointment, and the KBS program is going to include the TV station, newspapers and every single media attraction, if those people come, yes, it will help, but seriously how poser they are..

So, about the spot, the Astaka stage is parkour-able very awesome. I hope lotsa people will come for the upcoming KBS program eventhough I might come or not. After some half an hour maybe, we moved on to another spot, checking out Sabree's awesome air and form. He got it all, form air and the agility. SICK! SICK!

I'll tell you what Sabree did with awesome height! Very high!
Ro-Arabian or the cartwheel front, webster, imploder, J-turn, J-Layout, Cork, Hyper cork, btwist, atwist, Webster to front flip, standing backflip, standing delayed layout, running gainer actually it's more like skipping gainer,LOL.. Punch front flip, precision to webster, sideflip, double leg, single leg and his double leg is really L shaped, you could see in Amir's picture.. L! It's L! Owh he could do almost everything, maybe I forgot to mention here. Just add the list people. LOL.
Wall imploder, wall sideflip, wall flashkick. Axe-Aerial, aerial...Craziiiiies..

Qayyim had a fracture in his bone, his leg, and he still do all the powerful jumping and all, I'm amazed though. Very good effort! But he knocked out that fractured bone again and I'll tell you it IS very PAINFUL!! OUCH! He's ankle, his shin it was blue man I tell you.
And then, at the 2nd spot, he bailed again, this time something's wrong with his shoulder, stay safe dude!

We have this backflip competition today which I really have waited a year ago, but a year ago there's not much people that can backflip at that time. Keyrana lost the backflip competition so he got the backflip n00b title now. Wooooh! Sabree won! OMG, his stamina, is he really human? Just by looking at the size of his neck I tell you he's THE HULK! "You don't like me when I do sick tricks." LOL. hahaha. And keyrana didn't do alot of stuff today, so gayrana!! And he said he's tired, like WTF! POSER! haha

It was nice to gather back with the dudes, especially Mierol came back eventhough he's on his study week, unlike some poser, always giving up excuses! Lame ass excuses. That's what Malay usually do, give BIG excuses when they give BIG promises and couldn't give a BIG shit to what they just promised. LOL.

owh yea, the most important part is PKPL! Yes, where the fuck are you loser? I was expecting you to see you do your moves and all, but what a dissapointment you didn't came. Too bad, you missed all the fun!

3RUN MY Family Jam is the best! Well, for now.... LOL, we'll see around next year what those two Shaitons have become especially we are going official and have the permission to use the awesome big big gym at Bukit Jalil and most important Serdang! Very the near to us! yesh!!

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siddiq said...

sabree is syaiton!!

yaa, PKMY/3Run Malaysia rulez!!!