Monday, October 6, 2008

I'm pissed off!

WTF! People usually won't understand what I type because they only read this kind of shit, they can't hear em. So the tone, the way you pronounce it and all, it's totally different when other people read the text.

So anyway, I was being annoyed by that you-know-who about a year ago, and I kept on hating the person. But not everyone knows that, oh well, people are dumb these days, so you can't complain.

The posers,losers and haters,all of them are also a part of the community?!?
Yeah, that's a fact that I don't want to process in my head, I would love not to think of 'them' being in part of the society.

I LOVE SARCASM, you hate it? FUCK OFF! Got any problems? PISS OFF! I hate dumb people who are damn hypocrite, LOL! In fact, most of the people nowadays you can't trust to! They're full of hypocrisy and shit stuff behind that mask!

About making the videos, I would say, those WHO DOES NOT OWN OR HAVE ANY GOOD VIDEOS, back off! Because I believe in people making videos to improve themselves and they're just frigging jealous cause they can't afford to buy a piece of cheap camera just to record themselves in action, I mean good awesome action! They're fag! And search for the meaning of fag, it's not FUCK because these dumb people who does not understands English properly usually thinks that fag=fuck. Lame ea? And powerful people makes video to show how good they are in action, every known 3runner have videos and all of them are awesome and are joyful to watch! So you got any problems with the videos, MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEO! And yeah, those who always flaming around people and hating people's video it's because they don't have any videos! They don't have a life! So go get yourself a good good life =)

So this goes for all,umum2! I could say that too! So those who felt anything to this post, good for you! Cause I don't want to waste my time posting about YOU all right? This is totally general, I hate haters,posers and losers, GO GET A LIFE YOU SHEEET!!

Ahhhhh,another awesome post by me. I must've be hated by so many posers,haters and losers right now. So those who felt angry reading this, YOU ARE THE POSERS, LOSERS AND HATERS!! hahahahahah..

Now I'm happy :)


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