Thursday, October 16, 2008


Apparently, Amir is not answering his phone this evening, anyway it will be raining all day this week until the 22nd October I could say from the forecast. Anyway, he planned to snap some photos but oh well, what the hell he is doing who knows :P LOL!

So today something awkward happened, there's an unknown caller ID called my phone, and I answered and said "Hello, sape ni?" (Hello,who is this?) then a girl's voice just shouted, "SAYA PEMINAT ABUDI!.........Marah ke?" (I AM ABUDI'S FAN!........... Are you mad?) *CLICK* I turned off the phone :P It's somehow scary talking on the phone with some unconfirmed person. Like what the hell.. hahahha.. who the hell is that? Who knows! hahahah

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