Sunday, October 19, 2008

Talking about raya.

So today my sister's friends are coming over, around 10 people she said. So, I have to help her clean the house as well (Q.C!) LOL.

So I thought why not I do a head start since I woke up early today and there's nothing to do around besides sitting and looking at those books <_<

I found this whole bag of fireworks and firecrackers, I bought that but somehow it was lost for a while and I don't even care about it. Owh, sometimes if the kids want to play with the firecracker I sold it to them :P Ahhh, I got lotsa money for that, hahaha...

Yesterday and the day before yesterday was great, lotsa pictures I am waiting for Amir. Hahah,let's hope he will have time for it since he wants to check the photography thinggie at Times Square lagi.. heh..

Besides the pictures, the tricking session was also great,hahaha, oh oh, I got an awesome Aerial Spiderman picture, let's see them afterwards.. weeeeeee~~

Every university's student or either college's student is busy preparing their mind for their final exam on November, so am I. For my SPM, I will have to suffer a bit now and after that, I'm going to check the gym almost every week! And I'm gonna get all the basic flips and combos back! With a gym, gainerfull won't be a problem :P


penanya (?) said...

gila babi dowh mana kau dapat satu pelastik benda2 ni???

Abudi Alsagoff said...

I bought them up la! haha