Monday, October 27, 2008

What happens in 3 years?

In this sport, we keep on improving. Bye2.

hahahahahaha, you all will be like, "WTF? That's it? I don't get it." OK, yes a lazy ass is no excuses in this sport, you play it safe, but you train it smart with the correct technique. I asked myself several of times, what will happen to us, the Malaysian 3RUNning community in 3 years? Give it another year, someone have already obtained a new skill and sometimes even master it in one year, I am involved a year and a half in this sport now (Started April 2007). Within a year and a half, do I achieve what I have dreamed of? Of course, dreaming the most sickest trick to pull just like that in front of a crowd on concrete WITHOUT the use of gym, is kinda like hard to achieve. And I tell you, if we ever had a gym of our own, will we be like this? Or are we going to take the gym for granted? Some people, they are born at some place, and that particular place, fortunately it have a gymnastic gymnasium at it. Lucky bastard will take it for granted (if he is involved in this sport) and we can see that he have no value at all, nothing to admire just nothing, common.

So, after my meniscus was torn, I realise that training on grass is unforgiving too! Not just concrete but grass too, let's look at what happens this few months, first, it's me who had this torn meniscus, then Amir came along joining the injured club with a broken Ulna or was it the Radius, well it was his arm, a broken arm! After that, Keyrana followed proudly with a dislocated shoulder, he's macho enough to do a wallfull on hard ground! Well, before that not to mention, Ammar had an injured ankle, he got it even before Amir broke his arm, then he's smart enough to go and play indoor football (we Malaysian call it futsal over here) without any shoes! He got 3 stitches,if I'm not mistaken, on his toe and it is swelling I tell you. It looks painful enough just to watch it, no wonder that dude walked like hell. =))

Back to my question, yes! It is unforgiving training on grass! Damn it, we really need a gym to increase our level in a short period of time. I don't want to spend 5 years training on grass and MAYBE having the same level of whatever country that is worth differentiating with. So I dare to say that if you fuckers out there still giving crap and says that Malaysian free running is not as good as the overseas, well fuck you to the hell! We need the damn facilities to improve ourselves in no time, take a look at Acap (As cool as pro) he got his backflip on hard ground at the gym, it's all in the mind,yeah true, but hey whatever it is, it helps! And the day we're at the gym, Siddiq is already attempting backflip because they are soft mattress that will help overriding the fear and decreases the pain and the probability of injury or a broken bone.

How can we learn Palm flip on the wall, wall imploder, wall inner sideflip, raiden, dash bomb and monkey gainer without the help of a gymnastic gymnasium facility? I don't think ANYONE would want to risk their LIFE just to ATTEMPT the skill ONCE and it's fact that the human mind is not a computer it can't just be programmed and you could not just land that move on your first attempt. This sport is very very extreme, even in every tutorials on youtube or other sites, it gives you the warning and to make sure you train in a safe environment.

Let's take a look at the professionals free runners now shall we? Starting with 3RUN UK, their very first video, they have trained in a gym. That's the reason behind all of the improvements. Azo, he trained his palm flip in a gym, you should take a look at the video, it is fully equipped with mattress! The wall is the mattress, the landing is the mattress, so what's to worry then?
So I dare again to say that if we have a gym to train with, not the fitness gym dumbarses, it's the gymnastic gymnasium or any other gymnasium with full gymnastic equipments, oh for god sake, just give us a big arse room with mattresses, you'll see someone obtaining a new skill for some time.

I don't want to have another injury, I don't want anybody else to have another injury, I don't want to see anyone bailing even on grass after this, my body is aching my knee is clicking which hurts every time it does. What I want to see is, we all are training in a safe environment and improving bits by bits, that's what I want to see, I want to see the Malaysia 3RUN community proudly at a higher level, or at least the same level with another country. So let's make this damn thing official and go big and get our approval to use the damn gym near us! Lets do this! Let's evolve and represent Malaysia proudly. I want to see Malaysian competing in the Free running championship and win! So, lets pray and hope Allah guide us and grant us the gym and be thankful, I hope we won't take the gym for granted, at least I will never.

Homaigod, this is true. LOL

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