Saturday, October 11, 2008

Woman Free Running

These couple of days I've watched some free running videos, includes TRICKset 8, and some random videos. I saw some ladies doing the awesome sport. Like OMG :O
hahaha, so anyway, TRICKset got a female team member who is just great in free running, both flips and obstacles course.. This is Irma Stunt Reel, she does all the shit, pretty cool to see the ladies are doing this sport also ;)
So you ladies out there, don't think that you can't free run, everything is possible if you are willing to try and in the right environment to try! I would suggest a gymnastic gymnasium to start with, since it's safe and you can do what ever you want to try!

Irma Stunt Reel

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Keyrana said...

wtf!? thats hot! she just turn me on in some kinda cyal