Saturday, November 15, 2008

1 week down, 3 weeks to go!

BTW! says I'm 18% Stupid! How stupid are you? Click Here!

What about you guys? take the test noobs!

Go go go! Kill all those papers and shoot them down! Finished 4 subjects beautifully with good phase with the help of Allah. So I have 8 other subjects left. That leaves me in around 8 more days of exams. Wee~ But unfairly enough, the arts stream students will finish their exam next week! They only have left their business, art and science subjects. Holy crap unforgiving unfairness!

Next week's paper will start with Additional Mathematics, mmmhmm, my favourite subject! But then Chemistry will come, the fate of my hatred subject, I hate it not because the subject it self sucks, I hate it because I can't understand ALOT of the stuff the question is asking and what the fuck do they want. So for now, I'll just work my ass off focusing all other subjects and paying less attention to chemistry. Bah! I'll work on it too, just I hope that what I worked for pays off in the end! Yep, hard works always pay in the end. But still, measuring my trial result and the way I work for the subjects to score, damn! I really need more work!!!! Procrastination sucks! I feel lazy and tired at the final moment of pushing yourself to let it all out! Penat penat penat, bosan bosan bosan, FFFFFF!!!

OMG! This is what I did in my monthly test if I failed to answer most of the question, this isn't mine though, I would write some stupid answers for the teacher to cheer up cause the marker is my teacher and it's a monthly test, so who gives a fcuk! hahaha


Keyrana said...

haha damn thats the art of comedy!! lawak siall

A'a said...

hahahaha dayumm son!!

Asyraf said...

yeah!! all the answers are so fucking cool...hahahahhaha!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

hahahah! Yes the essence of coolness, calculus son of a bitch! It made the kid hung himself, plus "suck my dick, fag" is the bst!!!

kennhyn said...

yea, remind me of the good old days.

I used to write the page of the book to refer to the answer. and the teacher will reply back on the score sheet that the page I refered is wrong....haha, that is for history test!