Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Awesome posting should be treasured.

This is effing cool!
" alright alright i think this should do it for now. But nevertheless, I think we should hold more jams near to where sabree stays from now on. Gots lots to learn from him. Monthly jams in kl!!! argghhh!!!

Sessions as per normal will be posted on the board. Siapa nak datang, datanglah. Siapa yang tak nak datang. Up to you. We aren't the ones on the losing end.

And you people have got to understand why we're so pissed. 3 major jams. Only us who came. hmmm... What's the point of choosing researching for a good spot with public transportation in mind. At the center point of which everyone can converge. Clearing up our schedules for the session.

And what is one day of training session? Will it make you fail your exams if you come? We're not expecting you to do any sick or crazy tricks. Just for you to join in and support the community. So it's basically an attitude problem that needs to be fixed.

It would've been fine if one or two of you guys didn't make it. But ALL of you?? I mean seriously. Suddenly ALL of you had some kind of last minute excuses explaining why you couldn't come.

So i think the flames should stop here. And let them figure this out by themselves. And please please remember. That this is a real life COMMUNITY. Not just an online forum board. So think about that. "

Wooh! This is the awesome posting I was talking about. The very the precious post from our "AMAR"! Yes, a.k.a Parasite (in forum when not logged out) a.k.a "AMAR" a.k.a Bailmaster.

Wee~ The proof of the pudding is in the eating! In some other words, "Just join the event guys, invite along all of your friends! Everyone, your parents, your teachers and even your 'special' friends!"

Tag along everyone, use the Internet to call out every free runner and traceur in Malaysia! From every 14 states, join this event! It is awesome!

Just like I said, "If you want to be cool, act cool, pose cool or be truly cool physically and in all other aspects. You should start free running and join this event!"

Peace Out.


Amir Hamzah said...

first getting confused as ammar on tv. and now on the internet too!!??? oh shit!!! lolz!!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

no you're not getting confused as Ammar tv man, it's AMAR! Remember that A.M.A.R! hahahaha