Sunday, November 30, 2008

Bailcrazze and Bailcranker.

You guys should've seen what the Crazie Bailcrazze did today! And of course, our Jackass Bailcranker too! Mmg gile la dorang!

OK, so what is the main shit of today is, Azam the Jackass, he did a backflip off the TTC platform, yes the high platform. First to did the backflip off that shit. Then, Irsyad, yes that's Bailcrazze, he did an aerial off the double set stairs!! Third to do it. Holy shit!! And plus, they start doing crazy shit after that, precision to sideflip by Apam. Precision to front flip.. front tuck off platform. All crazy crazy..hahahah.. Amir should've been there to snap photos.. All of the action is very the jackass and crazze..

Since my last track pants was torn yesterday, I bought a new bottom pants!! LOL. They are awesome. It costs me around 49 bucks. Owh owh, Amir is not home tomorrow, so how the hell should we watch Cicakman 2 tomorrow?? Man, we should just go with someone else la Muril.

Yesterday, I checked Amir's blog, then there's this cool dude posted the "latest" and "official" Parkour Malaysia Communities(<<-yes that's on purpose mocking his spelling error) website.

Me and Ammar just discovered something cool!
PKMY=Posers Kiss My Yaaaassss!!!

OK. Till then posers!


Keyrana said...

weh tgk cicakman ramai2 lah! video kfc dah di edit~ minggu depan aku upload.hahah

Abudi Alsagoff said...

wuiyo!! Gile cool dah abis edit!! ahahah
eh nak tgk bile?? cepat2 dowh.. tapi yg penting kene tgk ngan amir! Sbb baru market, stuntman belakon tgk skali.hahahah!!

Hariz said...

damn dos 2 were really brave!!
jackass man!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

yep.. do you know which TTC platform I talked about? the one in the video.. where amir and ammar muscle up over there.. the double set is the one ammar flipped over..