Sunday, November 9, 2008

Demo Parkour 2008.

A day before the event on 8th November which I came, the JB dudes arrived at 15. So I went to 15 thus inviting Siddiq, Irsyad and Asyraf to join me meeting the dudes. There were 7 JB dudes who came which is Farouq, Syuk, Faiz, David Sam, Fadhlan, Haziq and Azlan. So when I arrived at 15, it was around 6.45PM, did some flips with the dudes till it's 7.30PM. Went to prayed then the next plan was Siddiq will bring them to a restaurant nearby. I went home thinking that it was unnecessary for me to join all the eating because I need to savor some energy for the big event tomorrow. So I arrived home at around 9 o'clock.

At around 9.30PM, Amir called me and invited me to join them. I said OK because I was bored staying home. LOL. So I went back to Bistro (The restaurant) and meeting them, it was like a gay-event because there was no chicks at all sitting at their table. So we had some laughs and fooled around. Then they decided to go to Putrajaya to make a session, I decided to join in since there are a lot of people going and I'm sure it'll be fun, and hell it is fun!

Arrived at Putrajaya around 10.30PM, so we started our session, I bailed a running gainer because the grass was slippery and I landed on my arm, luckily I didn't broke any bone cause I cushioned my landing with my arm. But my arm is still aching until today and when I try to straighten it, it hurts. Well, need to rest my arm then.

We finished tricking at 12 o'clock and then went back to Amir's. Hanged out with the dudes, checking out our tshirt that Irsyad made for us (we paid for it OK~) and the music CD for the event I made! Hell we are very good at preparing stuff! LOL. So, I went back home at 1 o'clock. And the next day is the big day! Once I arrived home, I started to clean up my camera's memory, I cut all the videos into my hardisk and went to recharge my camera's battery.

So I slept at 2, then woke up at 6, Amir called at 6.45AM! Wooh! Hell they are at the KTM at 7! This is craziiie. So I quickly take a bath, change my clothing, and straight to the KTM I go! Then I met the dudes there, luckily the train haven't arrived yet or else I'm SURE that the guys would've left me out =( Bitches these days <__<

We arrived at Titiwangsa at around 8.20AM, very punctual! Since the event starts at 8.30AM so we are considered arriving very early. LOL. We checked out the place, our demo was held at the side of Astaka, which sucked! Cause they only provided us with 2 piece of scaffolding! Yes, like I said, our demo was supposed to be shown to the YB(The minister) and it was a disappointment cause they only looked at the demo for only a few seconds. After Ammar's huge sideflip and Azam's backflip off the scaffolding simultaneously!

Anyway, once the YB is gone, the show rocked! Most of the people came at our place and enjoying our show! A lot of them I saw recorded our moves and snapping pictures. This is before we went up to the stage! And we all looked like a professional in Parkour since we all worn the same shirt, which is awesome! Siddiq designed the shirt.

After the shuffle aerobic show is done. Me and Amir, cool enough to ask the DJ to play our music once we go on the stage. Then the music starts playing, we all was full of adrenaline and enthusiasm! Then all the crazy flips starts coming, Ammar's sideflip over the huge stage towards the ground which is around 8ft (1.5m) then Amir, Sabree and me made a power gap drop down the stage. It was all crazies, we rocked and others sucked! Seriously I tell you, the cheer leading needs something better, especially the cheer leads! They need something better which is, HOT CHICKS! The cheer leads was all fuglies and stupids doing cartwheels. We got the most attention when we are hot on action on the stage and on the street!

Too bad the show wasn't recorded as my camera was untouched for the whole day! We need a dedicated cameraman now! Since everyone is doing all the stuff, so we need one. Some of the stuff is recorded in Sabree's HDCam, but it's very2 little clips.

We also met the Sweden kid who Parkour, Aksel. He came a little bit after the demo with the YB is done. He came and watched us performing on the stage. Owh yea, Sabree did his cork on stage like it was nothing!

I hope we got the most candid shots in the upcoming news in the TV or newspapers. LOL. Allright, Amir is half done with the proposal! Then if we could be representing Malaysia in the world championship, we'd be like the first Asian country to compete! wooh! Very good for the country. Very good for us with all the gym. :D

Funny part of that day was when we saw some shufflers wearing shirts saying "JANGAN BENCI KAMI. SHUFFLE ITU SENI." Which meant, "DO NOT HATE US. SHUFFLE IS ART." OMG, so shuffle is really hated by the community? I mean come on, they really do all those vandalism? Allright pictures will be posted in Amir's once he came back from today's event (The event is a 2 day event 8th & 9th November).

All the best to the guys today cause I didn't go because of my upcoming exam in 1 more day! Wee~ Yay!~ Finally once the exam is over I can get my self some freedom! Yay! Yay! Yay! *Cracks up*


Merissa K. said...

hey how come i wasnt invited to the event? haha

Abudi Alsagoff said...

Alamak! You didn't know about the event? Holy crap. Sayang betul! hahaha, I thought we all have been writing about it before the event.. LOL. The show rocked miss!