Monday, November 3, 2008

Good Old Times.

Good old times, good times good times. I just watched back David Bail Magic when Aa posted the video at her blog. This is the parody to the parody video of David Blaine Magic Youtube Edition and some combination to the What Am I? video. I'm sure if you guys just put these titles in youtube, it would return as the top video in the results. Cause it is very famous among youtubers.

Well let me enlighten you guys with the details of our own David Bail Magic video. It started out in the month of June 2008. The week of rainy days and a very bright morning. The day before we recorded David Bail Magic 1. I checked the forecast as usual it would be the thing I would do for rainy week or month or rainy season. Of course, the forecast could not be reliable a hundred percent because it is just a forecast not a future machine. So it will tell it's prediction to the weak human being. So to me, it is just a tool to be ready and make your plans even if it rains or does not rain, every one have their own plans. Unlike some fools, they don't like to believe at all in forecasting. Well it's their choice and it's their own way of life. So back to that night, where we usually hang out at YM in the conference room, the very month where Amir just started putting Maxis Broadband (You fucking rocks! Take a look at Acap's and Amir's speed! Woooh!!) in his house. The we here goes to me, Abudi, Acap, Amir, Ammar, Amirul and Siddiq. Yes it was the 6 of us who likes to do stupid jokes in YM and call each other a gay and make sick jokes. If I remembered correctly, this was back when the 3 dudes (Acap, Ammar and Siddiq) haven't entered UIA.

So the night before the day we recorded David Bail 1. I told these dudes, or more likely I suggested to these dudes that we should make a session in the morning cause in the evening, the forecast told me that it would rain (and it did!). Eventhough, we all know that the fact Ammar is very very hard to stay awake in the morning because his life somehow usually start in the afternoon, which is 12 o'clock afterwards. :P This is the usual, but we have to make the unusual to happen on the next day.

So we all arrived at 9 as promised, well yeah around that time. It doesn't matter anyway. Acap is the very punctual one. He arrived at 9 sharp! wooh! I can't remember was it 8.30 or 9. But whatever it is, he arrived early man! The location was at Section 15, we call it just 15 over here. So after some session, Amirul got his backflip, Acap still have his backflip, and Siddiq is very good with the backflip attempts at that time. And at that time, the mattress was also in the best condition, which I would like to say in my own words, the very most good awesome best condition, which is like lotsa superlatives used. Because we could flip off it with it's good surface condition and even if we fall, we would not end up scratching our faces or any other parts of the body, the toe, fingers etc. That is why the mattress is very helpful to us.

On that very day, I bailed a back flip punch front flip or just back punch front. My lips hit my knee when my knee is bent, so you know how hard your knee is when it is bent. So I pretty much screwed my lips. My lips was swollen and I looked like a smug walking dude. Seriously I have the picture and I will post the picture at the very end of this paragraph. Owh, on that same day, Amir almost bailed a frontflip off the platform because of the slippery landing surface on the ground. I have the video =p very good for you sampler. hahaha.

So this is me with a very swollen lower lip. Sakit woo!

So after someone bails, as usual, we all would lose the mood or starting to slow down the flipping and all. And the night before that day, everyone have watched the very two stupid videos I recommended to them through YM. And we all didn't stop mocking the videos or trying to remake our own version of the videos. So I was the one who started out the idea of making our own parody video. Owh yes, the week was my semester break, just after I came back from Johor Bahru (JB)! I went to JB with Amirul and Siddiq, the trip was awesome. So I suggested about the video, we all agreed, we have the camera, actors ready, and at that time, Acap have some good skills in his Vegas (now I don't know cause of his laziness =P) and we started out recording the video at the front side of the stadium. After we recorded some scene, which is Amirul and Siddiq dying and became a ghost and both disappeared, Amir's doing some magic with some leaf thinggie, and the David Bail eyes of doom looks at the sand pit.

Susuralley, the very own Malaysian parody video account. For me, this name is very unique because it have it's own language combination and if you type 'susural' in youtube, there will be susuralley under it's recomendation. Because it is the only one name in youtube. I created this account and where do I get the idea for this name? It was from the JB dudes, they like to talk about this alley in JB which contains all the fags and whores for sale. It's the back alley there and it's called susur in Malay. So I combined both Susur and back alley, tada Susuralley. Sounds cool. The person behind susuralley is me, Acap and Siddiq. Those with the passwords, because you see susuralley don't have it's own face except that red dude with the headphone on. hahaha.

So back to the story, after some scene recorded, it's breakfast time! whahahaha, we actually trained first then we went to eat. This is funny. So we went to a Mamak Stall just nearby to 15, ate some roti canai and the table was full of cans and glasses. I was just about to break the secret of the magic done by Acap on the table, MOST people thought that we used some magnet under the table, but hey, I'm going to keep it a secret, it is real magic! Demon! I tell you it is demon! Just like! Demon!!! hahaha.. Acap uses his satan to move the can, that is totally true, we all can see it. He have some kind of ability to call out his satan. "I don't know, maybe he's gay or something with his satan". hahahah!!!! This is from Maritess. If you guys haven't watch maritess, then you should! Cause it's damn punny! hahah

Oh about the David Bail name, it is because we are making the parody of the david blaine parody, so we changed the name from Blaine to Bail because in our free running sport, bail is very common well in our place. :P The "tak nak beli bang" line was from Amir in David Bail 1. Where David Bail (Acap) coming to our table and just like in all TV reality shows, asking the people if they like to see some magic. So Acap said, "Hey guys, you wanna see some magic?" Then Amir replied, "Ape ni?(What is this?)" "Tak nak beli bang. (I don't want to buy the product, bro.)"he added. Because in our culture, some foreigners or the illegal immigrant or legal or whatever would also do the exact same thing coming to people in the street, or in the restaurant and asks for change or some spare money or they are really selling stuff to you! And they have the look to take advantage of the part in you where you easily pity others and stuff.

Alot of scene was recorded in the restaurants with tricks created by ourselves with our own ideas! This is something we could be proud of, because alot of people who have watched our magic videos, couldn't figure out what we did to make the trick. Or even if they guessed, they guessed it wrong. That are just my point of view based on the guessing did by my friends.

So after we have recorded something enough to make a video, we decided to go back. If I'm not mistaken, I went to Acap's house the same day, or directly to his house from 15 to give him the videos for editing. I couldn't remember. This is some old times, I just recalled those memories because I watched back David Bail 1. Hell it is hilarious! hahahah! Susuralley is famous with flips tutorial! If you want to be cool, act cool, pose cool or be truly cool physically and in all aspects. You should start free running and watch Susuralley! It is funny to the bails it have! And everyone have their bail nickname just for fun.

It started out Amir creating his bail name after Acap have his David Bail nickname! We don't usually call people with this nick name, just for fun we have the nick name.. And Amir was the one who was full of excitement when it was the days of me, Amir and Amirul hanging out almost every evening at 15. "Wei, aku nak nick name Bailmaster weh! Takde2, Bailmaster aku punya nick name." That's what Amir said in some evening to me and Amirul at 15. And now Amir is the most respected Bailmaster, see? He have a broken ulna and radius, he really deserved the nickname! Go for it man! woooh! hahahah....

David Bail Magic 1. Adult Supervision Recommended! LOL.

David Bail Magic 2 : The Eyes Of Doom! More Adult Supervision Recommended! ROFL.

P/S: Sorry for all the grammatical errors if they are any, because sometimes I couldn't notice them and I just type what goes in my mind even though the very last sentence is still incomplete. =P


Merissa K. said...

hope the bruised lips have gotten better.

now dont u go break anythg else ok? dont jadi amir. haha.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

okey~ I will be very the careful next time :D

KUYEM said...

miss this tyme,
coz mase ni korang sume blum injured,
u all were improvin drastically at that time and tyme ni sume bdk2 southflow tgh bersatu dan berada dlm kemuncak semangat,walaupun mase tu kitorang tek sehebat skrng (ceh) tapi kitorang bersatu mase tu,takde hasad dengki,
we tend to take our team for granted that tyme.