Saturday, November 29, 2008

KFC Casting.

So basically, Ammar, Acap and Siddiq went to Masjid Jamek early early in the morning. While I have no idea how Keyrana and Irsyad came. Sabree came throught the LRT too. Mierol is still probably asleep this morning. So his lost.

Anyway, I came late as I have to accompany my sis buy some promotion stuff. LOL. Then I went back, change my shirt and went straight to my bike. I ride to Sungai Besi as I would prefer to spend less money on KTM.

It was a nice casting session as the dude, Sam is very nice to us. And he was being very helpful with all the guidance on what to do when he's profiling us. Some drops, vaults, vaults was very very high. Then come the flipping part. The KFC ad says they require a wall flip and some vaults. That's it? Wow, I'm being grateful cause last time, Ammar's ads company was being a bitch and bastard demanding highly dangerous stuff such as... BACKFLIPPING on a balcony's rail or something similar like that which have roof above and very little space for landing and no padding.

Then, we had a short session jamming. We went to wall flipping at Pentagon? Yeah I think that was it, Pentagon. And some parkour moves. Good spot. Tricking at the Dataran Merdeka for a really short time. I don't know, the guard was being a bitch.
I kinda did some doubleg leg-sideflip thinggie. I don't know will post it soon.

My back hurts! This is because I do the roll on an un-leveled surface. Ouuuch! It still hurts when I'm typing this. LOL. I have to bear with it. Gonna go buy the muscle pain patch. Wee~

OK, so the ad shooting will be sometime on December. Owh, did I mention that we met Faizal Tahir went we were shooting the casting? Yeah, we did. Faizal Tahir, who the hell is he? I also dont know. LOL. He looks interested in what we are doing and asked how to contact us. More opportunity coming up! Wohoo! I hope one of us got the featured cast. Cause they don't have to search for another talent and we don't have to stunt double them! Wee~ Good payment and good publicity. Famous soon enough? LOL! you know how media stream works, if you get one you'll get tons of other upcoming offers. hahahah

Now I'm heading to KL again!! Cause there's this facial product promotion, and there are going to be lots of hot chicks as the model there, just going to check up on them! Wee~ Owh! I might get something for my black heads too. OMG, I sounded like a metrosexual dude. LOL

P.S: I didn't even went to the promotion with my sis, I woke up at 9! hahah! TAKE THAT!

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