Thursday, November 6, 2008

Putrajaya Session.

So the guys have arrived at putrajaya, well, way earlier than me I could say. I don't know when they arrived, but I arrived at 6.30P.M. or so. The session was fun even though it's short. Best part of today was when Irsyad nearly landed his corkscrew. I'm happy for you man! You go, you go dude! hahaha. And Acap! He did something crazy today! You know he did an aerial tuck off the stairs (sounded very cool) and he 'managed' to give me a high 5! Wooh!

Lotsa nonsense videos recorded, which one of them was Acap saying Susuralley rocks and jumping non stop showing how noob his jumping skills are. Ammar tried the dugong flip, too bad man, only the dugong master, Siddiq could execute this skill but I will not assure all of you of the master's landing. Maybe he could land it, but with his head! Woooh! Head plant!

Hmm.. What else, it was a very short session for me, so I don't know much about what the guys did. But I do know one thing, more steps for your j-turn flip will give you more height! Trust me, I tried, but use the steps wisely, cause even if you take 10 steps but you don't benefit from the momentum it generates, what's the point in that. LOL.

Oh, the guys laughed hilariously after I told them the 'awesome' thing happened to me for the 3rd time Gen-X looped! Wee~ Then before we went back, there's this stupid arsehole trying to act smart cause we have what he don't have, we got some education while he doesn't, we got our cool flips, while he got his 125ZR! You go REMP-IT! Fucking rocks and gangsta! "Balik!! BALIK!! Dah!! DAH!! Dah Maghrib ni. DAH MAGHRIB!! Dah time! DAH TIME!!" Seriously, that's how he said it all, he repeated the same first word of his brilliant choice only the second time it's louder! Read it the same way I typed it. It is true! Fucking loser bastard. LOL!

Okies. Stay cool and do not be influenced by Acap. Not cool. Please pose cool everytime you want to take a picture. Don't let your tongue destroys you! Silence is golden! HAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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Asyraf said...

yeah!! my tongue is so fucking cool...looks like a villain and "dare-vil"