Thursday, November 6, 2008

This is soo phunny! Pictures of photo shoot at 15.

Someone is pathetically effing gay!
This is what I meant by saying that someone is gay: Not cool at all.

Did you see something? Because it is not cool! Why the hell that tongue goes out like a thinggie, stuff...?? Huh? ACAP!?!??!?! I keel you! Ruined the picture! Isk3... Alright let's leave this gay stuff. Now onto the pictures of that day at 15!

This was actually the 2nd last picture taken.

Aiman hisap rokok, very the cool........... NOT!! =P hahah!!

Wah! My awesome flash kick.

Good, good.... very good timing. hahah =))

Beginner's luck. Isk3.

Yusuf's Thrower!

Awesome gainer flash by me.

So everything else, that day we end up seeing Siddiq does a new variation of 3RUN free running tricks, the Dugong flip! It is totally better than the dolphin flip if you must know!


Asyraf said...

asal gmba die gelap??

siddiq said...

kamera pakai buang maa..