Sunday, December 21, 2008

3RUN MY JAM & DEMO @ Putrajaya!!

It rocks!!! The jamming session on concrete and grass was very enjoyable and fun!!!! Too bad there's only two new faces who came. Thanks to them for joining :D I got two skills back, LOL.. a backfull and a wall spin XD and I got one new skill on concrete from platform or flat ground which is the awesome front tuck!!!

This demo is the best demo evaaa, period!! OK. It was all so cool!! Can't describe it here. Just watch the video once it's uploaded :D

P.S/ the susuralley video, I will upload from my dad awesome internet speed office and awesome computer.. since it's faster over there.. Imma render the vegast there too! Yeppie!! 4Mbps here I come!!!

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