Sunday, December 28, 2008

Keyrana the hero of the day!!!

So today's demo was pretty awesome despite the bad planning and organizational of the event and the hotness of the day and the pretty tiredness from previous activities. Lotsa cools pictures were snapped today with awesome lightings! I can't wait!! The demo it self is wholesome! Just watch the demo video once it is uploaded by Amir. :D

I won't talk about the cons of today's event. So let me embrace you guys with the 'what's up with the title!!' phenomenon.

After the very very long demo at Shah Alam that started around 4 when we arrived at around 11 something and I arrived at Amir's at 8, we went straight to Alamanda, wanting to watch Yesman, a very good movie. So as usual, we all went to the outside to trick or just hang out to wait for the movie time which is at 7 while we arrived at 5 something.

So me, Amir and Aiman plus the guys are walking in front while Keyrana are walking at the back, kinda left out I think, dia kan emo!! ROFL. Suddenly, I heard some shitty noises back there, turned back and saw Keyrana fighting with like some 5 dudes or something, like WTF!! At first I wasn't sure why the hell he was fighting with them rempits or something, maybe banglas that wants to rape him. I think la. But then after Keyrana killed down 2 dudes, so there's 3 left. When fucking immediately, a pussy cat ass dude, grabbed a nearby piece of wood and SMACK the hell out of Keyrana's head. WTF! It bled like fucking piece of fucking fountain gushing blood!!

Me, Amir and Aiman quickly reacted and walking towards those pussies and shouted "WOI MOTHERFUCKERS!!" just to scare them off, well not really motherfuckers, just some shouting. LOL. Ammar wasn't with us, he was busying sms'ing with what's-that-girl's-name Arinah? While Siddiq and Acap are the LAMPIs taking videos and pictures with them cameras. BATAK WEI!!! When Keyrana's head was bleeding like shit, those guys ran off! WTF! Pussies!! Gila babi la, dah nak mampus dah kottt!! Then baru la those stupid gays perasan..

Azam rilek je doe, dah kene hentam kepala, berdarah cam sial, masih nak ketawa lagi!! hahaha.. After all that shit, I asked wtf wtf wtf did he fought those guys, it was because he was saving a girl yang kene kacau with those pussies. Gila babi, cool sial, selamat kan brave man~ :)) hahaha, padan ar muka ko!! Nak gaduh tak ajak orang cepat2, tak tau those pussies boleh bawak kayu weii!! Hahaha, kene jahit kepala!! The pictures of Azam's full of blood's head will be posted in Amir's blog soon I hope. I will link it here :D

So the moral of the story, please do not fight with shufflers and rempits. They are way cooler to be pussies to smack your head with a piece of wood damn hard so that you will shit your brain out with bloods!! WOooh!!!

Now back to the demo, we have storylines and actings!! woooh!! The acting is entertaining I heard that's what Ammar said. I don't act though, I only did a cool front flip from a 1 metre something platform XD

Yeay! Overall, today was fun with lotsa laughters!

Conclusion:Azam acted like a stupid fucking bitch with a piece of pig shit on his head and horse cum on his face! Stupid fuck!! Fuck you! I want to save the girl! Bitch!! But I don't want the stitches on my head though XD


Keyrana said...

you mad at me because you are just jealous!
awek tu offer number, aku! tak minat! XD

KUYEM said...

aku nak kwn ngan azam la,
kalo gaduh ley backup aku,
wey azam kalo aku ade tyme tu hidup2 aku backup ko.

shimzk said...

gila babi ah. tak aleh2 je. and tak aleh2 i baca ni. i saw the pic. interested in reading more abt it. kesian gila. moral maybe jgn jln blakang2 :p sebaik dia steady.