Saturday, December 13, 2008

OMG OMG I'm so excited :D

OK, so incase if you guys dont know, I've been to UPM end of last year (2007) And I went to the Faculty of Education's PE center. And I found out that they have a big trampoline which is unused for like ages cause it's like berhabuk and all. But it's still in goooood condition!

So guess what? My dad is one of the lecturer in UPM (this is still not good) But my neighbour is one of the lecturer in that specific faculty!! Holy shit! I'm going to do this, ask him about all the info of the tramp/sport center, and ask him where the hell do I get the permission to use the hall/the tramp or better yet let me buy that old crap for some change. LOL.

OK bye2.

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A'a said...

haha awesome!!