Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tomorrow shall be awesome~

hahahaha.. Allright, despite of Amir having soooooooooo many medias in his hands, pics and vids. Wooh! so many burdens. ROFL. So you guys have to wait for the new vid of the demo and the small jam.

So incase you guys haven't heard, we are going to perform AGAIN this 1st of January 2009. The show is going to be at Shah Alam. I heard one of the JB guys have moved to Shah Alam, but too bad he didn't show up at the previous demo. Poser maybe??? O_O

So anyway, that's totally normal in PKMY. So tomorrow we are going to Bukit Bintang, I don't know where, I just know BB, that's it. Some street performance. Who'll be the one providing hats for the coins/cash? hahahaha. And yeah, we need some beats! Saja buat kecoh kat sana. Pasang lagu kuat2, bagi semua orang tgk and wonder "WTF are these guys doing?? So cool that I have to join!!" LOL.

Besides that, I have done an official letter ready to go for tomorrow. Where I'll be meeting some guy, he's the head of the sport faculty that have all the gymnastic facility. Let's hope there'll be approval. XD Then we'll have a....I'll call sufficient.... gym! And it's freeee! :D Gonna go there tomorrow morning. Wee~

The proposal for our official registration with the ministry is not complete...yet! Once we have that, please let there be a bigger chance that we'll be able to use Bukit Jalil's gym. heheh! Anyway, I don't hope much on Malaysia's gym tho. I'm not going to hang in Malaysia any longer. I'm going somewhere else then. =)

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