Friday, January 30, 2009

It's out on the website!!! VOTE 10stars!!!

here ya go!
If you feel like you can't vote every 24hrs, give me your ID and password!grrr.. ahhahahaha..
The password given to you by the website is gibberish anyway!!!!

Not only that quality matters ALOT, which is pushing yourself, challenge yourself to the limit and know the human body's true ability. Besides the skills and talent you have to outdo yourself, skill in editing video,camera angles and video quality are also important. Having a limitless visions and inspiration for yourself while training safely to improve drastically and to achieve the aim in free running. This is me, Abudi Alsagoff free running for month 4 of outdo yourself competition. To know more about free running, visit:

or just search 3RUN Malaysia on youtube.

Please vote sincerely.

Best Regards,

Abudi Alsagoff

3RUN MALAYSIA (Family Network of 3RUN UK LTD.)

Thanks to those who supported me in the past times:

3running Friends,siblings(big brother especially),internet friends,cameraman,this lousy computer of mine and thanks to 100PLUS,which without this competition,showing my talent to the whole country would be hard.

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