Thursday, January 1, 2009

My personal review. Get Well Soon Video.

ehemm..ehem.. first of all, I'm going to review the video I edited myself. wee~ So I'm going to puji this video habis-habisan lah!! Get ready to enter the world of triple S! Seriously Super Syndicate. Or whatever you want to name it. Syok Sendiri Syndrome anyone? Go get your triple S at your nearest 7-Eleven now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK, so this video was made by me when I had nothing to do besides studying somewhere between july and august or something. Cause in that time, I had my meniscus injury, amir just broke his arm=so triple cool, ammar sprained his ankle and azam landed his wallfull(watch SusurAlley to understand this.) So basically, most of us had our injuries, except those who are named as a poser inside the video. HAHAHAHA!! Too bad! Sape suruh korang tak koyakkan meniscus and patah tangan man!

This was before HD cam and 3RUN Malaysia, we are always cool. But I'm the coolest lah, cause I edited this video what!!

The first problem I had editing this video was, finding Siddiq's clip, soooo fucking hard!! Babi ar!! Aku baru perasan that time yang Siddiq punya clip every little session we have kalau ade 1 tu, kira nasib baik ar.... that's why if you are wondering why Siddiq's clip is only one or two, I can't remember.

Then, I don't think I have any more problems except my last problem which is the rendering problem in movie maker! So cool!! I edited this video using only movie maker. You know when your pc is too "cool" to be rendering videos and it started to complain that you need more cpu and ram usage etc etc. I had to separate the video into TWO frigging parts!! Yes! TWO!! So that makes me render the video for like what? three times? yeah! Three times!! Fak you computer, fak you youtube, eh I meant movie maker. Fak you all stupid faks!!

Then I had no other problems. So after uploading it to youtube, in that time, youtube is still a piece of noobshit. Cause it detected my music is a copyrighted content in about like what? 2 or 3 weeks? Yeah. That's lambat. Now, after upload the video, the fucking 3rd party copyright claim appears immeeddiately!!! Allright, so after I received the email, I did nothing, then suddenly I receive another email saying that the 3rd party owner have approved my usage or something similar like that. So cool.

But the problem is that, when youtube starts to mess with your video, your video starts to unable to play in your OWN country. how clever youtube is. So cool youtube. I faking love you youtube. Well, I love the chicks in youtube, the hottt ones only. No fat and oilies. LOL. So the video is unable to be played in Malaysia for like several months. Until just now, I checked, my sampler and get well soon is able to play normally!! Cause before this, I had to spread the video using a link! hahahah.. But it works, so I don't really mind. Who cares. As long as people could see my coolness editing the video and the LAMPI's coolness. hahahaha!!

Then I just realised after watching this video again that, youtube is really starting to get crazzzziiiieee.... You wanna know why? cause the speed of the video when played in normal quality is like faster than normal. Then the colour is totally NOT normal I could see. It's darken or something, or I forgot how the normal colour looks like when we enter the world of HD. hahahahah!!!

So overall, this video is GOOOOOOOOOOOD!!! Our moves is CRAAAAAAAZIEE!!! The combos, the huge flips, the flow and the twisties!!!! WHOLESOME!! If you guys ever wanted an oldschool freerunning video by Malaysian, here's your chance!! Spread this fucking cool video!! It's soo awesome that you could spill your brains out soo hard and easy like you're shitting! See? Even when we started making videos, we have studied the way to make good videos. What the hell am I saying? hahaha.. just enjoy OK!

All right.. here it is in HQ! Enjoy!!!

The best before HD video ever!! Well, our 3RUN Malaysia video before HD.

So the frigging video are still blocked in our country. So here it is, back to youtubeproxy!! So cool~ hahaha


siddiq said...

x bole tgk!!!!!!!!!! yay~~~

A'a said...

hahaha tak boleh vote yayy~