Monday, January 26, 2009

pkmy.Teluk Kemang. LOL

So it's Kemang)
A day spent there at Port Dickson on 25th January. It was a fun day, full of flips but very very tiring. Some muscles aches, bone aches here and there. Gile sakit nak jalan wooo! We took the wrong spot at the beach and the sand is damn hard to dig! So the ball is like a totally big bun or something. hahahha. Nevertheless it was all good. Videos will be compiled soon by Amir.

OK, so more updates on the gym location. It's at section 6 shah alam, beside the Sekolah Kebangsaan Seksyen 6. Searched it through google maps, I found out that it is a sport complex section 6. Let's hope it's there. And I also found out that it's under the Majlis Negeri facility. So it's under the Majlis perbandaran shah alam??? I don't know, have to check it out. Now we have to book that thing to use it every time we feel like using it :D MUAHAHAHAH. Cause we are the coolios you see. :P

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