Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to Basic (B2B)

It's the internet phenomenon where pretty much everybody when they got nothing to say, they'd type LOL. I mean seriously, do you LAUGH OUT LOUD everytime you are sitting infront of your monitor? It's like in YM,MSN or any other chatting service, almost everyone will end their frigging message with LOL LOLOLOL OLOL OLO LOL OLO!!! I don't really think you laugh out loud everytime you read something. It's so untrue! Like your parents will think you're crazy or something. So shut it!

Anyway, I've been training back to my basics skills, both parkour moves and tricking. I am training back all my basic moves, which leads to more crazy moves. I am currently training my round off and the back handspring, watching back all the tutorials I could find up on youtube. And yes, the roundoff and backhandspring shall give me megalord super ultra maximum height on all the other tricks. So I am evolving them up! I need them to be my supercool tool! :D and besides that, I'm also fixing my formssss~

Owh, recently it's been raining on evening, I thought summer is here already! Darn it! Anyway, I got inspired watching lots lots of awesome parkour videos. And by that, yes, no flips. I've seen lotsa flippies video which is too crazy to be described. So watched how their parkour is soo awesome!! I got the semangat too! I mean, like for the past few weeks, I mean few months! I've been lazy-ing around, sitting at home doing nothing except training on the weekends with the dudes.But now, I better work my ass off on the weekdays too! It is BORING!hahahaha..

Owh yea, go check Amir's blog, he got a video update! I am so cooL~ hahahaha.. and keyrana must have no life at all! posting his blog entry with multiple motherfather-ing 'bosan1000x'. Spammer mode! I thought he's in KUIS? If he have no class or he have his holiday right, why the hell he didnt tell me, i might go train with him.. wait, practice? I just remembered qayyim said something about the difference between practice and training. lulz! <-- see? I might now use TOL,thinking of laughing, because honestly, I didnt laugh just now. I am thinking of laughing. I hope some dumbarse wouldn't think of TOL as thinking out loud would they??? :)) hahaha!! that'll be frigging dumb!! dumb!!!

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tol tol tol~ hahaha..new one bro.nyw, hope to see you this sat. but it seems like the raining seasons la petang2 skrg ni