Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Challenge of Outdo-ing myself have ended.

Hey folks. So as you all knows, I joined the 100PLUS competition a little bit too late, I started out since month 3, thanks to Siddiq Rafee, the one who told me about this competition, I managed to join, you know I only have the PC for updates and hell, who goes to the newspaper website everyday??

Anyway, month 4 have ended, I managed to win the month 4. I would like to thank god firstly and thanks to my biggest supporter, Street Jumper! NOT! Anyway, thanks Siddiq for voting for my video everyday, which without him, this winning couldn't be possible. XD

So let's say if I'm chosen for the grand finale stage, I'll be performing LIVE you see, and the judges will judge my performance base on the public cheering, so I would like to invite all of YOU, yes YOU to come and watch my performance and be AS LOUD AS POSSIBLE for my own good sake. :D hahah. The current possible performer that I think the organiser might choose is:
-Yung Hui, the chinese dude with the awesome videos of phree running.
-Fareez Shah
-Blaze Street Jumper

These are the 3 dudes that might get invited for performing on the Extreme sports category, there is also skaters, but I don't care about those skaters. So the extreme sports category will have 3 slots of people that'll be performing. So let's say they take 2 skaters and 1 free runner, and I hope the free runner'll be me. If they take 1 skater and 2 free runner, I hope the 2nd free runner'll be yung hui! :D :D :D Less pressure on my performance, I can only pull simple tricks etc.

So from now on, consistent training on the tricks is neccessary! Train,train,train. Drill, drill, drill.

OK,next update is on the awesome website of PKMY!
go to that link and watch the new awesomeness of the new board and the new look of it,we have updated,wait wait, we? It's ME, ME doing all the updates..and thanks to these two fellow for helping me out with the banner;
-siddiq for helping me making the first temporary banner, which without him, the paint master, the banner wont be possible to even exist.

-Amir, he created the banner which the board's using right now.

So what are you waiting for peeps? Go to and join in!

To all local Malaysia traceurs, free runners, trickers...join the board even if you're from any state. The board have the category for the borneo of Malaysia and the Malay Peninsula Section,this is for all of the people from the same place to gather and discuss stuff and plan stuff. Try it! you'll like it!!! :D


KUYEM said...

yung hui ke ming hui..??

siddiq said...

aku menerima credit sebyk dua kali! i must be effing cool!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

urm,i recounted, it's three times.. hahahah, siddiq tak tau kira!!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

it's yung hui sze