Saturday, February 7, 2009

I gotta get these...

I gotta get these once I have loads of money to waste XD

Anybody care to spend more than USD$100 for a pair of these special contacts? Think about it, in Malaysia it's very rare to see anyone wear the custom contacts, wear one and go public!! hahahahaha!! They'll freak out!

Anyway, my 100PLUS competition is going well, I've received around 100++ votes by now, and yes! Every 24hours there's hate vote who gave me 2 points. It's been 11 days that 'horse cum' have been voting my videos with low rates. Motherfather!!! BUT guess what? I'm still on top yo!!! :P :P :P That's right haters!! Keep on hating bitches!!

Owh and today I just received my official driving license! So cool! Took it up around 9, went straight to drive around Putrajaya, sent my dude to the WTT, then after that drove to subang jaya! What a day. :)) hahahhaa

Can't wait for tomorrow. Gotta get my sleep and my healing, the ball of my feet stings like a bitch right now!!!


KUYEM said...

batak naruto sial..!!
lens tu utk cosplay la dey,
waa dah ade lesyen,
bleh ar drive turun jb

Abudi Alsagoff said...

motherfather!! Berape je naruto punya! yg lain bukan naruto.. infact, yg lain nampak cheap ass uninteresting contacts!!!!!!!!

A'a said...

hahaha in brunei it's quite common already. :P my friend ade comtacts yg mcm mata hantu hahaha so cool!!

Hariz said...

congrats dude on gettin ur drivers license!!

LiYAnA sYAmiMy ♥ said...

congratz..dh dpt lesen.. aku exam 17 nie.. heeee~ mintak2 pass... aminn