Thursday, February 26, 2009


Allright folks free runners, I am totally going to this JB Jam and hoping it's going to be BIG! like the 3RUN jam yo! So Amir can't make it because of work, so we kinda have no transport to go to JB. And actually Amir's suggesting us, who want to go, to buy the KTM tickets. WTF, so lama staying in the KTM. KTM sucks. And I hope we can stay at his place if Ammar's around, I mean Ammar dah duduk kat rumah Amir berapa tahun dah... amir bagi je, amir baik kot! hahahaha <-- this is an inside joke you guys probably won't understand.

But anyway, my family have this old car which works, the old pajero. 1984 Pajero. Nice! So the car have no air-cond but it's is REALLY HUGE. and my parents rocks!! Guess what? I just asked them, but like not really asked them betul2 since I think this is a crazy idea and they will end up lecturing me or something, but this time it's different! I asked and they just give me the frigging permission to repair the car myself and if I can work it out, I can use the car! I know it's old. But hey at least I have a car that I can use. And the engine is 3000CC, yep 3.0. It'll eat up alot of petrol I'm guessing. So Imma charge it's battery tonight! WohooO!! Then going to check it's engine oil, the auto-transmission fuel, owh this car is modificated from a manual transmission car to an auto transmission! wooh! It really have bad paint-job. I mean the paint is really off! It's turning white from green and have lotsa dents.

I asked them if I can go to JB driving the car with my friends, so I'm not alone to join the JB jam! wooh! Anyway, if the guys are faggots, or they are afraid to ride the car with me, then freck them EMOS! They'll maybe end up staying at home while *censored**censored**cencored*. <--I just knew my older brother reads my blog, so I better watch some language young man! XD

So JB Jam at Danga Bay, 8th March, 10AM-Till they become gay. Here I come JB!! I feel like in a movie where the kids can drive their own car far far away from home! Wooh! XD Thanks mom and dad. weee~


KUYEM said...

JB Jam FTW wee~~~...!!!
This time better kotakan janji ko abudi,
mesti dtg..!!
sape tak dtg gay..!!

siddiq said...

so cool, ade vinyl kat keta..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

dude, WTF! dorang taknak naik kete aku!! dorang kate panas! takde aircond! kampung dowh! Tak american life sial! tak penah naik kereta tinggi doe, kereta tinggi bukak tingkap angin sejuk~ owh well... :(