Friday, February 13, 2009

Little updates on what's going on.

OK. So incase you guys haven't heard that my f'in thumb got bitten by a f'in stray cat that's just totally annoying like gayrana is and that f'in stray KITTEN right, it and it's family kept on shitting at my place, like there's no other place to shit on this earth besides my f'in house's drainway! Genius! So one evening, I went outside, saw that F'IN kitten, chased it and managed to catch it....................BUT the big deal is that it bit my thumb as hard as it could like it's eating or chewing some roast beef or something, even better a barbequed beef. The cut is deep! And there's tons of places of bites marks. I got lots on the thumbs, two on my jari manis (english anyone?) I was like, "FFFFFFFFFF! Take that Beoytchh!!" Not going to tell what I did to that bus3rd here. But then, I just got an injection this evening, it's tetanus. No big deal. But the problem is my thumb's swelling like hell and I can't move it right, there's pain! Let's hope it heals before this big weekend for the last shoot of the cool documentary shall I!

Anyway, besides that little shitty problem I got here, I bought a new snickers! Yes! POWER FTW! A new pair of shoe and it's POWER cause it will really unleash the power inside of you! POWER : Unleash your power! Hell yeah!! My old pair of shoe is F'ed up. The cushioning is totally f'ed up. I could see holes through it! Yes! Hancur habis.

Oh yeah! Did you guys also know that yesterday(more like 2 days ago since it's 2AM) I thought some creepy stalker is on me AGAIN! This time two unknown numbers saying hi and all. One was Kendall the stalker and second is Joezita from Sabah. Here goes the story of Kendall(Pronounced Candle), since the number's a maxis number and my credit's balance is like what? 30 or 20 cent, I managed to reply 2 or 3 of her sms. but Joezita is a celcom's number so sayonara dolalala. I replied Joe's message once asking "who is this and where do she get my number?". Then back to Kendall, it was like, this is abudi right? I like you and all those creepy stalker stuff. Will you be my valentine and shit. Then comes the moment of truth where she gave me an email after asking me whether I have a facebook. Guess what? It is so cool to the membrane, it's sheera from the documentary shooting team. I was mad at the time and replied to her and called her a fugly which I don't think she'll take that seriously but she did! She kinda repeated the word fugly 3 times. Like... I was joking.. duh.

I just watched Sex Drive (Unrated). This version is so sick, full of titties and all. Which is very annoying I tell you. Cause the nudities that came to show em tities wasnt even suppose to be in the movie. LOL! It was like they're blocking the view or something eventhough the view is niceeeee~ ^O^ But I tell you what, Amanda Crew is sure some hottie they got there. uuuuum shhhhhmmmmweeeeeeet! hahahah...

CW kept on asking for energy pack, I told him I'll give him the pack if there's available. The point is, it's not man! Sorry! ahahah, not your luck this time. Try asking from them gays laa..

I've seen the preview of the COOOOOL. I repeat COOOOOL video Amir's doing right now. He spends lotsa lotsa time on it. It's worth it I could see. You're so cool man, spending time with your precious "super cool" PC. Mine'll be just dead when I fire up vegas. LOL. So behold dear readers / audiences! The creative competition video's judges will sure to be amazed and you, youtubers will also too! If it cracks your nuts, do comments, subscribe and tell us what was it like watching the cool video!! I may be exaggerating too much when the video's not even done yet and is not yet to be released, but just watch it OK once it's released! ROFL.

Did you guys know that Luke broadlick was born in 1992? That makes him younger than me a year, but... loook at him! He's like the big stars in tricking!

Oh btw, about the spoilers I gave in my recent last post about the new video that's coming up that contains the cork/ dub btwist and those sheez, I was pulling your legs readers! That was like total random joke to pull off! LOL! And yeah, I think it's about time to tell this off too. Since gayrana's been telling his friends and all I guess it's ok to tell the truth that he got the injury from some mis-step flips. That's all I'm gonna say.

Pssst, dude, if you like to keep the "thang" still, do tell me before someone reads this post and reveals the truth. LOL!

OK people, just stay tuned with the upcoming biggy video. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Bye2. Stay up late and this is what happens! Long post!


Amir Hamzah said...

Oh dayumm!! alamak!! pressure for the new vid!!! your definition of cool wich has 3 extra O's in em are gonna build up some sexpactations man!! and yes, I said sexpactations cuz i like joining different words into one. :D

But it's gonna be awesome so yea man!!! SO COOOLLL!!!! this weeekenddddd arggghhhH!!!!!

Keyrana said...

pinky - jari manis. kut.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

pinky is jari kelingking mon!

Amir, it's COOOOOL! you spelled wrongly! LOL! Yes! This weekend!!!