Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tanning is gooooooood

Since last PD trip, my tan haven got off! But yesterday until today, the session of shooting the documentary movie have been going on from morning till at least, like what, 4 oclock?? Something like that. So mid-day selalu gile kene panas, mmg kel(ah shit im not racist.LOL) tanned arh. Now I have Tshirt invisible around on my body! No singlet hitam aite. This is tshirt invisible!FTW! When I took off my shirt, my face till the round of my neck, and both of my arms is tanned!!! So tanned! And my body is still fair. Bulu lutut!!! hahahahhaha..

Anyway, the documentary sessions have always been fun with the existance of; Camera Whore, Attention Whore and Affection Whore!! WOOOOOOOH! We only play "WHORE" game OK! Apa barang main "HORSE". Tak cool man!! So if you guys are wondering, CW is Ammar, AtW is ME! and AfW is Amir! weeee~ Now the names are given by that CW! Despite of my back and ass being hurt at that very first spot at putrajaya which the surface of the floor that suckssssssss asss BIG TIME! I got both injury there. Then the right ball of my feet which is not healed fully from me starting front flipping on concrete with my power shoe that is soo power. Then comes my left ball of feet that is injured when I did a backflip on concrete WITHOUT shoes, pandai sangat nak mencapap. Despite all these injuries, I still have fun doing the movie! wee~

OK so what happened today is, dah habis2 semua, wrapped up the session and everything, then tetiba Amir's car key is gone~ Shoot! It's like a mercedez key OK! Amir is very careless with his stuff I guess. It's like a CAR KEY allright. Anyway, some worker found his key and gave him the key once they found us. I think Amir prayed really hard. Good job man. You so cool. Me cooler though :P hahahahha. JK.

I can't wait for the creative video competition's video is done, the editing will be done by Amir la, sape lagi? hahahha. There's like super cool moves and sick and wicked moves in there :D I won't tell what it is since it's a frigging surprise for you all to watch! OK OK, I'll give some spoiler, some of the moves are;
Roundoff to multiple backs (Amir), Corkscrew to Gflash(Ammar), Sideflip to aerial tuck(Acap), Double btwist from small platform to cool face (Abudi:"I AM COOL!"), Commando roll to fronthandspring to frontflip (Qiddis) and moarrrrrr! Man, I can see all the moves here are damn easy. These guys've been eating shit I guess with no improvement! Cause it's like these moves is so common!~

Yo Amir! Me cant wait no longer for the cool pictures to come out. Me is cool, me like cool pictures, me like to put them up somewhere, cause me is cool. me cool remember. :D

And damn!. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . .

This blog's writer is so cooooooooooooooooooooooooooool!

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