Friday, March 13, 2009

Half day spent at Pavilion!

A day at that place is very tiring. So I went to Pavilion with Acap and Siddiq today. Wanted to get a pair of new shoe for me and Siddiq. So I went straight to KTM after I fetched my sister who's in Subang Jaya. Arrived a little bit late and Acap had to wait some time, sorry dude. Anyway, Siddiq's the coolest one, he arrived super late!!! He even slept after he promised to go with us! He slept!! Dabelyu te ef!! So he told us to go ahead and he'll catch up. And I had to walk some far distance to the monorail from KL Sentral,ouch! Next time better take the LRT to go to Pavy. Bad decision.

So anyway, I didn't know March is the month of Sale for shizz everywhere! Bad timing!! We went to pavy when the sale is ON!! I went to pavy so I could use my Nike vouchers to get me a new pair of shoe. Anyway, as always, vouchers could only be used on normal priced merchandise, so my dream to buy a lunar trainer(which is fugly in real life anyway) have been destroyed since it's on sale! But I guess it's my luck to own the Nike Zoomstart+! New arrival!!

Interesting part of today's shopping trip was......*drum beats*.... The coupon could only be used for one transaction,meaning, one coupon(RM50) per payment/transaction. BUT! I managed to hypnotise the cashier with my essence of coolness and he straightly scanned all 7 of the vouchers for me! So I paid only RM29 for my new pair of shoe! Woooohhh!!! 7 vouchers=RM350. The shoe's price is RM379.

This is how exactly my new shoe look like.

So enough about my shoe! Siddiq arrived little bit late, so he wanted to buy a new pair of shoe too! Walked around and around, and after some time of checking EVERY shoe store possible, he decided to go BACK to the first shop we went with him which is BATA and bought a new reebok shoe...I bought a new gel too for my new shoe, but I'll use it once the cushioning is gone case. TOL.hahaha.

Acap in the other hand, didn't buy anything, what a good son he is!dayyum! He said he wanted to come so he could walk around and see stuff around. Window shopping!! So cool!! Anyway, thanks to him I managed to have someone around with me while going there, this was my first time going to pavy tho, I don't know the way. hahaha!!!

Owh2, so I went to a Sony Handphone retail outlet in Pavy, and asked how much my SE W980 phone's price, the salesgirl told me it's price is Rm1799! Yes Original set is Rm1799. Fuck you Lowyat-ians losers!! You don't know shit about my 'original' set of phone! You said ori set is Rm1100! WTF! Fak you!! What ori set you are talking about? Some piece of crap 12 months warrantly all over the world bull shit?? I'd say that shit is BS! Full of BS!!

Overall, today was awesome since I got a new pair of shoe for RM29! Woooh! Lagi 'mahal' dari kasut POWER aku!! hahahah! P/S:My last POWER shoe lasted for nearly 2 months! And my first POWER shoe lasted for 6 months!! So powerful this power shoe of my power. I'm so cool. Tata.


Cat said...

THAT"S ONE DAMN NICE SHOES MAN(in african accent)!

KUYEM said...

second power shoe..?
bile mase ko beli second power..?
x penah nampak pon...
btw i found feiyue man..!!
29 je..!!
im sooo gonna buy it.

siddiq said...

wtf farouq, training hari2 same2 pun xprasan abudi pakai kasut lain!!