Sunday, March 22, 2009

I shall find something

OK, like seriously. After this, I will have no one to hang out with. This will totally sound like I have no life at all. :( Amir will be going to JB every weekdays and the UIA-gays are going back to UIA tomorrow!!! So I have no training and hanging buddies now!!

I shall find some hot chicks to begin with~ So on weekdays, I could hang out with hot chicks! ZOMFG! hahahaha. And on the weekends, let's hope there will be everyone to train with. Seriously, what am I gonna do now that they're not gonna be here on weekdays? Train alone!! hahahah. I hope they don't know that I'll be training in the gym alone! Me alone!! Then on the weekends, they'll see me doing a monkey gainer or something and they'll like crap their pants or something.hahahah.

Do you guys remember how Ammar were so into Mafia Wars that he's willing to play it 24/7 just to leave my character's level behind and increase his? I mean first he left my character's level up until he was 300++ something, that was when I was level 150++ something. And a few days back, I was lucky enough to notice the daily bonus for Mafia Wars that day was each job will yield 15% more experience. So I could level up easily as much as I want to. So I, being a smart person with life, left a clicker bot for that bot to click the "Do this job again." button for 9999999 times when I went out. So while I'm enjoying my life, my character was leveling up like crazy and Ammar noticed this and he sms'ed me telling me how I was obsessed with Mafia Wars since I leveled up non-stop. And I told him I went out with my sister to Alamanda and left my bot home. He was like telling me my bot won't stop!! That time he was 440 and my bot is catching up, I think I left my bot from 150++ till when I came back, it was 500++!!! woooh! I beat Ammar's character in one frigging day!!! And he was rotten at home each time and won't join us on certain occasions just because he wanted to play mafia wars and level up his character! So I think Ammar's in shock now seeing how I managed to beat his character's level and left him far behind, now my character's level is almost 700. All thanks to the bot. LOL! Last message Ammar sent was, "I'm quitting mafia wars, level 456 seems like a nice number." Sounds sad and depressing! Now that Ammar will have nothing more to play with! So the mafia wars misery have I ended. Ammar should be available for some other occasion. No more mafia wars. LOL!!!

Oh btw, some Malaysian had this fucking shallow minded mentality, where they like to group certain people with the same interest or doing into a team or something. More like to racist but this is not racist, it's more to team-ist. The reason I wrote this is because there's this dork,Malaysian, on youtube who likes to conclude stuff and flame without proper reasons while they themselves are pretty much an imbercile. And besides that, there's this busy body uncle who approached us at 15 while we were using the mattress and did some flips, he was like, "Jahanam tilam!!" I was like, WTF, it's not like we don't know how to take care of it and you don't know shit about what are we doing you stupid shallow minded jerk! You see, if Malaysian sees something they are not familiar with, they go crazy! Like what! what! This is bullshit! You Fucked up! You fucked up! hahahaha.

oh oh! Watch this crazzziiiieeee event!!! It's the 3run russian family winter festival! Damn wicked!!

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adrenaline pumping,
giler ar,
sume cam jackass.