Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I think I know this!

So I've been trying to fix my sideflip... but I guess it needed a little TUNING'll turn out into something like in the above video at 2:08.

This is a music video feat. Daniel Ilabaca with school uniform on free running. He's the only one that doesnt looked like a school kid. XD

Watch the video, and I think you know what my sideflip looks like at 2:08. Only he opens out his leg and spread it out to land. But the way he spot the landing and the way he flipped are just similar like mine. So I guess my sideflip isnt that bad.. I just have to TUNE it.!! Tune and modify it here and there, and even make my own variation of it! wooooooh!

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A'a said...

ooh! i love the song!! another brick in the wall!! it was originally by pink floyd, me thinks. then korn made a cover of it and its goooood. you should listen to the korn's cover! haha okaaay im way out of the topic now XD