Sunday, March 8, 2009

My first job as a "stunt coordinator"

Wooh! I just came back from Amir's and from the commercial shooting for Navratan Oil! It's a cool down shit oil that's quite famous in India.

Three/4 words for the main talent:

Anyway, I'm here to tell my first experience working half day as the so called stunt doubles. I must call it stunt co-ordinator! takde2! Stunt coordinator seems cooler. wee~ This job is brainless,moneyless and crappy. They provided safety matt FOR the main talent but not for me since I'm too cool and the world is my playground,yes, fucking cool! It was a half day stunt doubles which ended up with me and the guys loitering around waiting for them to call me and do my part, but it is more to wasting time around and jumping around than doing my part. Gila sikit weh! Penat tunggu ada la..hahahah. Yes Amir have the picture of me in short hair! weee~

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