Thursday, March 5, 2009

No Live Performance! wooh!

So as all of you have known, I won the Outdo yourself competition grand challenge and placed 2nd. So what I won for the month 4 was a RM300 Nike voucher. And the grand challenge prizes are:
-Sony Ericsson W980 8GB Handphone

-Sony Walkman Nwz-A826K MP4 Bluetooth 4GB player.

-2 Carton of 24x500ml 100PLUS drinks.

-RM200 TopShop Voucher
-RM100 Nike Voucher

and that's about it. The total prize was estimated to cost around RM3000. But after calculating, I found out that all that stuff didn't even reach Rm3000! Bunch of stupid companies that I hate! Fuck you *tut*! Yes! The thing is, I expected a live performance but guess what, the live performance was canceled due to insufficient numbers of competitors. Wee~

Anyway, to Siddiq and Acap, if you guys want to buy a new Nike shoes for PKFR, let me know yah. I'll provide you with those stupid nike voucher! So you'll save some $$. Cause I know your shoes is like F'ed up gila2.hahaha. That's why I offered these two and NO Im not gay. Owh, I heard there's this effing cool new shoe of nike costed around RM399. Go find the Lunar Trainer. It's damn light, the cushioning feels like marshmallow and it's very grippy! Good for street stunts! wooh!

And the phone, I don't want it. I want to sell it! Anyone interested to buy the Sony Ericsson W980 phone? I havent even kacau/disturb the box, it's unopened, brand new and unopened.<--redundant. I sell retail price. :D


A'a said...

is it possible if i buy the phone?? hahaha im serious!!

Abudi Alsagoff said...

yes it is possible. bank in the money and i'll ship the phone. LOL! or better yet, you come to kl and take the phone. woooh!!hahaha

siddiq said...

kalo aku xnak vaucher nike tp aku nak mp4 tu bole x???hahhaha

vaucher nike tu brape ratus ko ade kalo termasuk ngan month 4 punye hadiah tu..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

dude, in total, i have:
RM500 Topshop voucher and RM400 Nike voucher. dabelyu te ef! Nak buat apa banyak2 voucher! bangang dowh! Bagi ar aku baju terus! Kasut terus! shheeet!

Keyrana said...

wtf man. u r faking asam!

member sorang lagi ni...consider la sikit...erk...nak gak!

A'a said...

ok how much are you selling the phone? :D

lolina. said...

saya amat tertarik dengan the topshop voucher.


so who do i have to fight to get the voucher XD

KUYEM said...

aritu aku tiap2 hari vote utk ko,
so aku pon ade share kan..??

MuriL's Delinquent said...

punyer lah byk hadiah ko dpt...
jeles tol aku....