Wednesday, March 11, 2009

4 hours drive.

So I just came back from Shah Alam. Drove my way there. So I went to Section U1, U2 and 6!! Shah Alam is really a trouble for me that have troubles with directions.hohoho. Anyway, both missions are a phailure!! =(( I went to U1 to repair/replace my old finepix camera and phailed,same goes to U2 for replacing my old canon camera. Phailed phailed!

So I decided to go to section 6 and check out that artistic gymnasium. It was really BIG! The facilities is crazy, I feel like using it without permission. Then run away. hahahah. Anyway, I spoke to some woman in charge. She says the procedure to get the permission of usage is not hard. But it'll be better if we have any documents from KBS, letter or some certificate that shows we're registered(if we are). That way the director will not hesitate to approve the application. And she also told me to include when is the time we are going to use the gym. It's opened every saturdays! So this is good! She also told me we can include some note in that letter telling if we're going some other time, we will inform them or stuff like that. But she's not sure about the payment. She told me some atheletes that uses the gym almost like 4 times a week and more times when some competition date is coming by. And they paid like RM300. But us, maybe she said it'll be lower every month and it also depends on our usage actually.

Whatever it is, she told me to "rajin2 follow up" with the MSN Selangor. But just now I called the number, no answer, they must be out to lunch maybe. Or plain lazy!! fak you! hahaha.

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