Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And it's back up!

I guess youtube is fucking mad just now. My account was unsuspended just now! wohoo!! Now I have like 3 youtube accounts! So cool! I'll use each one of em for different purposes :D But now there's lots of videos I think I should delete now. Should I just delete em or make a backup, change the song and reupload? Give me your opinions.


siddiq said...

dun delete it mon..
but u should definitely delete the videos that got only you in it since u already stop parkour..hahaha :-)

Abudi Alsagoff said...

I blackmailed youtube and they reenabled my account! :D

owh yeah,i deleted the year end jam video from my channel tho.

Cat said...

Just blackmail them for 24.50 pound!

KUYEM said...

change the song,
guna lagu wonderpets,
gerenti tak kene mute