Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My youtube account's have been banned! WTF did I do? That old account sucks anyway! FUCKTUBE! There's no reason told to me at all.

aaaaaand I just registered a new account and I noticed this:
Uploading materials that you do not own is a copyright violation and against the law. If you upload material you do not own, your account will be deleted.
And yes, I do have lots of copyrighted videos that I do not removed only that they have been disabled and I just frigging ignored!! Anyway, maybe youtube is now DELETING accounts with copyrighted materials. :D


siddiq said...

holy shiett!!?? serious ker??
no!! the vids!!! the comments!!!!

siddiq said...

tp gaytube mmg sengal gler dowh!!
kalo ko search tag parkour malaysia, pastu sort by date added.. die dah x btl.. berterabur x ikut date added pun..

Stalk said...

fuhhh..i was sad back then when that account of urs was deleted..but its ok now so kool

Abudi Alsagoff said...

youtube is lame! fucking gay! fucking homo!that's why.the comments, the ratings and the subscribers! selamat dah ok