Thursday, April 9, 2009

What Street Jumper don't want all of you to know....

Street Jumper just gave me something special!!
"dude,some of street jumper bengang kat ko
last week aku memperbodohkan diri pergi jam dgn diorang
so diorang dgn kuatnya bercakap yg diorang marah kat ko coz saying they gay dlm pkmy or something

they know aku pg jam dgn bangi so diorang suruh aku ckp yg ko tu la gay
diorang keras peliaq(kemaluan lelaki bahasa kedah)tengok ko punya trick,n voice sebab lembut sgt
n they say muka ko dh la mcm perempuan jd jgn sedap mulut sgt

(aku xda kna mengena!diorang suruh aku bgtaw ni)"

There's this stupid hater who's a part of street jumper or just a fan boy of street jumper ( flamed our videos few weeks back and wow!I think stupid 'run off fucks'(it's actually spelt round off but since they're too dumb to go to school and learn how to spell, so they spelt it run off instead :D ) are mad!!

hohoho.i am supercool.i have stalkies,haters and fans! For instance, they stalked my pictures so they could see what my face would look like, then there's my voice!! woooh! hahahaha. Then they like my super cool tricks!!

Anyway, like I give a tiny rat's ass to them.. I am hereby announce that I'm super cool and are super hot that street jumper just couldn't take it anymore! And also the whole 3run my family are coolios and hotties too!! :D

Peace out peeps!

P.S/ I seriously have nothing else to write these days, so if you all kindly give any suggestions on what should I write (eg. stuff about pk,freerun,tricks or general stuff or tutorials) please do tell me, I'd appreciate it!!

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