Friday, April 10, 2009

Why Malaysians have problem with guys with long hair....

"Dude cut your hair" "You look like a girl"
Now I don't get this stupid mentality,where guys should have short hair and long hairs are for girls. This is ridiculous. It's just because the nazi and communist schools forced you guys to cut your hair short and can't have long hairs, doesn't mean that guys should have short hair!! It's just common sense, even girls could have short hair or bald head if they wanted to. It's their hair, why the fuck do you have to care? Those schools are government school, especially them, shouldn't be so into the students' hair and should've paid more attention to their performance!! I mean if it's a private school, doesn't matter.But this is the government school. Wth!

And there's EMO wannabe in Malaysian schools with SHORT hair! Yes! SO FUCKING UGLY!!! Short hair with emo wannabe style is so fucking ugly!! just cut it!!

Now tell me, which one of these guys have short hair? It's medium long at least. :D

Adam aka Punshi

Ott (a friend of Adam)

Vinny Pellegrini

Ohh, I like david!



The list could go on and on. and you will find lots of guys with long hair foools.. =D Especially the TDMonkeys.


KUYEM said...

aku sokong..!!
aku pon blum nak potong wambut...
apa kaitan tricking dgn rambut panjang..?
i agree if u say that long hair makes us 'tricksters" looks cooler.

Abudi Alsagoff said...

"i agree if u say that long hair makes us 'tricksters" looks cooler."

i didn't say that. :/

Rina said...

Yeaaa I like guys wit long hairs..they look good and better than short ones

siddiq said...

u r not supposed to talk bout pk.. u've stopped already?remember? lol

Abudi Alsagoff said...

i didnt talk about pk ;p
my point is the hairs!!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i noe dat dude.

LiYAnA sYAmiMy ♥ said...

wah.. sungguh emo kawan aku ni.. ;)

well... seyesh dlm Islam x halang laki rambut panjang asalkan xikat..
same juga nak dealing dgn pompuan xpakai tudung.. nanti diorg jwb... ini rambut kitorg..
tp maybe kalau skool bagi rambut panjang nanti.. lain lak jadi.. ada pulak budak laki yg ikat rambut(kompem dosa).. colour rambut.. etc. my personal opinion tau..

cume aku suke ko rambut pendek.. maybe coz aku suke tgk laki yang nampak kemas kut.. haha~~..
tp bukan aku nk ckp rambut ko xkemas.. cume maybe aku nih kolot.. xreti pasal cool-cool nih..

xpe.. byk pompuan suke laki rambut panjang.. contohnye, "Rina".....

bye(personal opinion..jgn marah lak).

Abudi Alsagoff said...

your point of view is good tho :D

Samantha said...

It really dependz to dat guy's face, some are not suitable wit long hairs and some are really good wit it. I don't really like guys with long hairs, especially if it's too long. Shoulder length is long enough.. just below the chin a lil bit is cool ^.^

Abudi Alsagoff said...

To Mimy:

Well, I know that one thing is true which is:
Men imitating women is haram and vice versa which is women imitating men. This is usually about the clothing but there's also ahadith on men's tying his hair while praying. It is actually a sunnah for men to keep his hair long at earlobes length, middle of the ear, and the longest is shoulder length. I have my reference and the ahadiths if you want to read them over here: It's about the men imitating women and the long hair lengths.

and please please read about men tying back hair in a pony tail. It is DISLIKED to tie the hair while praying but it is NOT HARAM. and moreover, it can be tied in a MANLY way and not the way women usually ties(eg. piggy tail etc.)

I referred here:

and yes, this is hadiths we're talking about. So you're saying men tying their hair is haram but it's not. :D

Abudi Alsagoff said...

what I meant was, tak dosa la ikat rambut.

LiYAnA sYAmiMy ♥ said...

aku dh bace dh : (thanx 4 the info)
"What is understood from their conditioning the interdiction with ‘in prayer’ is that it is not disliked outside prayer,"

owh.. maybe aku dh tercampurkan antara hukum kut.. sori.. it just that.. aku sll dongar.. xelok la laki ikat rambut.. etc etc. so aku mcmane ntah boleh sampai ingat laki ikat rambut dosa..maybe wat hukum sendirik kut.. haha..
k.. sori.. bile ko ckp tu.. aku terus tanye mak aku.. die un cakap xde hukum ckp dosa..

statement "as long as the hair is tied up in a manly way, unlike the way women customarily do up their hair, and then undone for prayer."
explain dh..

wei.. perluke ko speaking kt aku.. adoi.. bebelit lidah aku nak bace..
k la.. actually ko skrg tgh cite pasal rambut panjang.. tetibe sekarang kt tgh ckp pasal ikat rambut la plk.. haha~ k la..thanx sekalik lagi

Abudi Alsagoff said...

no problem mimy :D
That's why I was a little bit freaked out when you said ikat rambut dosa, so aku terus search and asked around.

LiYAnA sYAmiMy ♥ said...

ek? ko ikat rambut ker? xpernah lak aku tgk..
k.. sori 4 the confusion.. kahkah;)