Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Incomparable Taste of Al-Fakher 3!!!!!

Well I have no absolute 100% idea of what the hell is the meaning of Al-Fakher(Al-Fucker, that I know). But anyway, have you guys watched this?

Hell, I can't believe it was in a movie. Maritess would've won the world's best video award. LOL. Well atleast better than that chase scene! Wasting my precious unsleeping time.

Anyway, today's meet-up was fun and lot's of awesome stuff tho my left leg, I think it was my calf,knee and the washer's aching. Bet it's strained like hell. Well, back to stretching them muscles everyday then. Now Mirul's back, and the guys are on holidays but I am going to college. Demm!

The other day, I found out that foundation is not that bad. One fact that made me happy was that we'll only have to study for one semester and then finish up the exam and the first semester is history. What I meant was we don't have to even remember what we studied in the first semester because the second semester will be on different subjects.. wohooO! Correct me if I'm wrong.

The movie 'What Just Happened' sucks so bad! WTF! I'm betting Killshot sucks too.

I hope I find a good dependable shoe soon! But it's true that any shoes you use, it's just about the times you use it for training. The more you train in it, the faster it'll worn out. Malaysia's shoes choice sucks!

Speaking of that, I bet you guys noticed that the Malaysian business style is like copy cats. I mean, take a look for example the restaurants location in Malaysia. Once an owner opens up a shop somewhere, for sure there will be another copy cat who open's up the same type of shop maybe beside that original shop location just because he sees the success rate of that original shop. So this is what I was thinking about, what if someone opens up a big successful gym? Not the fitness gym, the one we'll be using. You see, I bet if someone opens up that gym somewhere and it is successful, people will start opening up gyms everywhere. That's just the Malaysian business style I guess. Where are all the rich peoples? Are they too dumb to see that they can make money out of this? :O


Kuyem said...

good dispensable shoes..?
POWER la ape lagi,
aku beli since october sampai skrng tapak cantik lagi,
boleh kata 95% elok lagi,
skrng muiz dah ikut jejak langkah aku beli power.

Amir Hamzah said...

holy shit? tapak masih elok lagi woot?? Aku beli disember lepas. reebok. dah worn out gile babi. Licin weh. :O

Abudi Alsagoff said...

aku beli power, sebulan setengah lepas tu worn out dah.. so if you know what i mean, based on my know!! hahahahaha!!!