Sunday, May 17, 2009

Prison Break has ended....

So Prison Break has ended. I successfully followed!!! Wooh! And I've watched the finale episode just now. To sum it up, I must say that Prison Break ended up with a kinda sad ending. But everyone got what they deserved.

First, the General Krantz got arrested after Scylla was being held to the United Nations and all of them whose worked together for Scylla got exonerated except for T-Bag, he got sent back to Fox River cause he's a douche bag and a faggot. And the General got served a death sentence. You got served bitch!

Secondly, Michael's mother (Christina Scofield) who's a fucking irritated mother fucker who can't let her pride down just for a fucking second. yes I hate her character, too much ego fucks her up. She got shot at her back! You got served bitch! This was because she's taking Scylla back from Michael when she and her underlings attacked the ware house. And Michael tried to stop her but the gun was not loaded with any bullet. So Sara shot that dumb bitch (Christina) from the back and she accidently shot Michael or purposely, whatever.

Third, T-Bag got served in Fox River and has became the gay leader in that prison. He has his own bitch just like old times where his bitch will have to hold his pocket. Technically in that series, Dr. Sara Tancredy checked up his medical record and he got this disorder, well sexually. He's erotically challenged. Yes, that's why he can't make love. And that's how he ended up raping and killing and molesting. You sick fuck! I hope you stay in Fox River for life bitch!

Fourth, this ending bit is the one I didn't like. It shows that 4 years later in the future, Sara and Michael's son (yes she got pregnant) went to meet up with Alex Mahone, Sucre, Lincoln Burrows and Benjamin Miles and they all together went to visit Michael's tombgrave. He died because of his brain cancer. Not the ending I expected. This is the only ending I feel sorry about. The others are satisfaction.

Anyway, in the last 3 or 5 episodes, Christina explained that Michael and Lincoln are not brothers. They are not blood related and she blamed their father for adopting and making her pregnant because she knew that she won't become a good mother, infact CAN'T be a good mother at all. She's a psychomaniac whore. I recalled Linc answering her question before admitting she's not a good mother and calling her a whore.

Wow! From season 1 till the end, Prison Break have been a tiring series to kept on continuing with more troubles. Cause even the title says 'Prison Break' but then it ended up with the Scylla shit and the company shit. It should've ended when the breaked out of fox river. LOL. or if they still want to make money, fine, after the Panama Prison.

homaigod,ho em gee... I can't believe it! I'm getting hungry and I followed Prison Break! I'm so cool! I have to reward myself with some food! Let's eat some McDonalds! LOLOLOLO!

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