Tuesday, May 5, 2009

RE: Susahnye nak upload video!!!

Amir's a very patient guy. I went to his house the other day, and tried using his awesome maxis broadband. I cannot believe how he can live with that super fucking cool speed! And all these videos he have been uploading and pictures..just wow! I mean, it's inconsistent and very slow! Sometimes the internet is able to only open text-based websites and some pictures, but to load the pictures it's damn slow. I bet dial-ups are faster! hahahah. Gile sabar weh! Syabas, syabas.hahahaha. And that's the reason Amir's been offline all these times. His internet have mood swings! LOL.

Anyway, when do you want me to pick the video? This evening? Yes?

And btw, Siddiz you suck! Conclusion! UIA PJ does NOT have a curfew. I've read the whole admission booklet and I can go back every weekend you bitch! from Friday to Sunday! fak you! I'm cool!


KUYEM said...

patut la amir on9 je kalo kat jb,
walaupun lately internet aku slalu dc,
aku tetap syukur sebab connection aku laju.

siddiq said...

yg balik tu mmg aku salah r..
tp seriously ade curfew, kalo xde pun, ko duk kat compound area tu je r, cannot kuar pagar..
serious dowh, mcm penjara..

Abudi Alsagoff said...

bitch! gila babi UIA PJ, ade pagar tinggi2. WTF! I hate you UIA, you're no cool!